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Tax Resolution

So you received a love letter from the IRS?

You need to know 3 things….

  1. They won’t go away…it only gets worse if you ignore it
  2. You have options in dealing with the IRS
  3. Help is affordable

3 things the IRS wants….

  1. Admit your wrong or prove youre right
  2. Get current and stay compliant
  3. Pay what you can afford to pay

Why should you use a third party?

  1. You have an immediate conflict of interest with the IRS
  2. Experience is a great teacher….but it can also be VERY expensive…a simple mistake can be with you for a 10 year period
  3. Our firm and our affiliates deal with 700 cases a month on the average…

What you should beware of…..

  1. Any firm that promises to settle for “pennies on a dollar”…remember there are 100 pennies in a dollar.
  2. Any firm that wants to deal with you only over the phone or internet…you need someone that will sit across from you and that you can see eye to eye as needed
  3. Any firm that has a large up front charge without even researching your case first.

What  you need to do…..

  1. Collect any and all of the letters from the IRS and the states involved
  2. Collect any past tax returns or papers for filing tax returns….and if you don’t have them then don’t postpone your actions….we can retrieve the returns and the information needed to file the returns for you
  3. Call for a face to face appointment. We will explain our process…our costs…and give you possible strategies that we will use or that we will show you how to use.

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